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SonRise Sanitation, INC.
1581 Georgia Rd, Franklin, North Carolina

PH: (828) 524-8989
FAX: (828) 524-8977


SonRise Sanitation Products

Construction Portable Units






Special Event Products

Handsanitizer unit - Non-flushable toilet with mounted waterless hand-sanitizer

Elite Portable - Non-flushable toilet with self-contained wash, soap & towl dispenser, shelf and mirror

Wash station - Self-containted wash basin with soap, & towel dispenser


Hand-Sanitizer Unit

 Elite units - Available in gray or forest green

Handwash stations

 Hand-Sanitizer - Interior  Elite - Interior

HW station- Side View



Handicap Portable Unit with Hand Sanitizer

Wheelchair Accessible



Restroom Trailers

Perfect for all special occasions

  • Vanity and sinks with running water
  • Soap, towel dispenser and mirror
  • Flushing toilets
  • Central heat and air

 Ameri-Can 814

 (Newly Remodeled!) 

 Floorplan 814        
Women's StallsWomen's Stalls
 Men's Men's

 ACSI 824


 Floorplan 824  

Satellite Suite 610

            Floorplan 610